Nastalgic Thursday: Giga Pets

It’s been a while since I did a Nastalgic Thursday post, I know. Let’s not waste time on the past and— wait, I see how that is problematic given that this series is about nostalgia and whatnot. Ok, ok! I’m sorry. Forgive me. I still love your faces! Can we start now? :) Awesome!

If you don’t know what this is, I sort of need you to not speak to me for at least a week.

What was so special about a palm-sized toy with three to five tiny buttons below a ridiculously small screen? Um, just everything! These little gadgets were awesome sauce when I was younger. You pulled out that little tab at the back and you were hooked for days, weeks even. I don’t remember their cost but I know I saved my money and bought quite a few and they were cheap enough that I could replace one after I ruined it by sticking a pencil in the back too often to restart it.

Your Giga Pet, Nano Baby or Tamagotchi was your virtual baby or pet. You fed it, cleaned it, gave it exercise and it rewarded you with a smile and the precious gift of staying alive. If your pet died, your poor little heart broke. To help you out, the game– life experience, had sound alerts to let you know your pet was in need of attention/ some form of activity.


I swear, us 80’s/90’s kids really did have the best childhood and this was part of the reason. Don’t test me on that! I think a Giga Pet would still have me caught up in this present day. Simple and fun. Don’t test me on this either.



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Until next post, Nasmaniacs!

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